Yes – absolutely all of them, and we have proudly been manufacturing at our plant in Braeside, Victoria since 1969.

The Infinity system is based on Armstrong Flooring Accolade Plus (Infinity) and Accolade Safe products (Infinity Safe) and is comprised of a 90% base of an existing Accolade Plus or Accolade Safe visual, plus up to 2 additional (total 10%)  chip colours of your choice* .  Please see our ‘Tech & Data Sheets’ section to view our Tech Data sheets and determine which is the best product to suit your needs.  If you have any further questions, you are welcome to then call your Sales Representative, contact our Customer Service team on 1800 632 624 or send us a message on our ‘Contact us’ page.

*The chip colours available are shown on our website.  You have the option to choose either 10% of one chip colour or 5% each of two chip colours. (e.g. 90% base + 5% chip A + 5% chip A or 90% base + 5% chip A + 5% chip B)

Infinity Custom is a unique product offering from Armstrong Flooring that allows you to customise your flooring outside of the visual and colours offered in our Infinity and Infinity Safe ranges*.  If you’d like an indication of what we can offer, please visit our Inspiration Gallery or contact your Sales Representative.

*Please note that higher Minimum order quantities and lead times may apply compared to the Infinity and Infinity Safe products.

The Infinity production system is limited to 2 chips at 5%. However, we have the flexibility to produce a more customised product if you wish with our Infinity Custom products.  Please contact your Sales Representative for more information.

One of our Sales Representatives will be in touch with you within 7 business days to discuss your requirements and project scope. As each sample is handmade, where multiple samples are required we may need to work through your priorities with you to deliver to an agreed timeline.

We will have one of our Sales Representatives contact you to arrange delivery of the sample to you within 14 business days from your sample request.

When you go online to start designing your floor, you’ll see that the Armstrong Flooring standard colour chips range has been matched to the international Pantone colour system – PMS – to help you in your colour selection.  We also provide the RGB values for these chip colours.

Any variation between the sample and the finished product will be minimal. The manufacturing process varies slightly, but the materials used for producing samples are identical to those used in the production run.

Armstrong has a production facility in Melbourne, which allows short lead times and production flexibility. Your customised Infinity floor will take approximately 8 weeks from approval of sample.

900 square metres, but we can produce down to 300 square metres by negotiation.

Yes, but the minimum quantity is 900 square metres.

Due to our Australian manufacturing capabilities and our production processes, any design you have specified and we have manufactured can be recreated at any time*.

*Minimum order quantities apply.

We have the flexibility to produce customised versions of all of our Australian made products including Accolade Plus and Accolade Safe*. If you’d like an indication of what we can offer, please visit our Inspiration Gallery or contact your Sales Representative.

*Minimum order quantities apply and vary depending on product range.